Simplify Your Life – Part 4 – Profit

Simplify Your LifeThis is the last in a series of posts based on my personal experience on how to simplify your life. If you have followed this blog for long, you’ll know that I have had Multiple Sclerosis for about 4 years and have been trying to play catchup and pull my life together since the diagnosis. While my husband and I are not really minimalists or zen gurus, we have found our lives improving one step at a time by simplifying as much as possible.

After my diagnosis, we began the process almost accidentally. Uncertain if I would be able to avoid disability before retirement and faced with an incredibly expensive incurable disease, we realized that our finances were a mess. We began the process of simplifying our finances: eliminating debt, getting the right credit cards, refinancing our home, and making sure everything was fully combined and thoroughly tracked.

Once our finances were in order, the organization trend spread to other aspects of our lives. We began simplifying our home by decluttering: we kept only things we needed or loved, cleared our wardrobes of anything unnecessary, and essentially turned our crowded and cluttered home into a comfortable open space.

After throwing away, recycling, or donating our less valuable and unwanted belongings, we sold the rest. It was a learning process and we made some mistakes, but when all was said and done there was a significant amount of money to add to our savings.

This may not be for you, but if you and your family find this idea appealing then I encourage you to begin the process. While most of the benefits of simplification apply to everyone, I see some very specific benefits to those of us with MS.

A simpler life can mean:

  • increased mobility – more space and less clutter to trip through
  • financial security – you know exactly how much money comes in and goes out, where it comes from and where it goes (plus the extra money from sales!)
  • an easier and faster routine – you don’t have to navigate through your junk to get to what you need and you will have less to clean and care for
  • more positivity – you will be surrounded by things you love instead of accumulated junk and it will be easier to see what’s important (hint: stuff is not important)
  • less negativity – hopefully as you go through your belongings you will find and destroy those reminders of people and events that made you sad and angry
  • less stress – an organized space leads to a more organized mind and it will become easier to find things that are lost

This has been the last in a series of articles on working your way to a simpler life. In past weeks we have covered:

If you’ve gone through this process already, then you know it’s hard work that pays off. If you haven’t, then consider it.


Would your life benefit from simplicity?

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