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Welcome to Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis!

Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis hopes to illuminate the disease and separate fact from fiction for the benefit of all. This site is intended to be a community for those of us living with Multiple Sclerosis as well as those that support us. Here, we will journey through the disease itself, through symptoms of multiple sclerosis, alternative therapies as well as traditional multiple sclerosis treatments such as Solumedrol, Tysabri, Gilenya (fingolimod), Rebif, Copaxone, Betaseron, Avonex, and other interferons. We also intend to follow new Multiple Sclerosis developments as closely as possible.

Living with this disease in any of its incarnations (relapsing-remitting, primary progressive, secondary progressive, or progressive relapsing) is truly a journey. The goal of Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis is to explore the challenges of the disease (you’re not alone!), the symptoms we may face, dealing with our doctors, opportunities for treatment, and even the drawbacks to many treatments.

Not to be forgotten for a moment are the caregivers who tirelessly support their loved ones with MS. Their role is crucial in our quality of life and warrants more focus than they could ever fully receive.

DiagnosisMS.com is so pleased to meet you. Join us us and we will journey together.


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