Living With Multiple Sclerosis – Four Years

Living With Multiple Sclerosis“They” say that you are considered newly diagnosed for the first 2 1/2 to 3 years after your Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. It seems like only yesterday that I posted my “Year One” article. It seems like only yesterday that  I was diagnosed! Somehow, enough time has passed that I find myself at a point where I have been living with Multiple Sclerosis for four years.

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Melody And The Mind: Music As Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

Music As Multiple Sclerosis TherapyIt was 400 BC Greece and Hippocrates treated his mental patients with music. Modern music therapy has existed since 1944 in the United States. In all parts of our world, and at all times, music has been a cherished and important part of life. Music brings people together in celebrations, and we celebrate music itself. Think of the first dance at a wedding, rites of passage such as proms, Christmas carols, rock anthems, gospel songs. One way we connect deeply with the society in which we live and with those around us is with music. How much of our childhoods are wrapped up in songs and lullabies? Welcome to the possibility of music as Multiple Sclerosis therapy.

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Multiple Sclerosis Support Organizations And Events

Multiple Sclerosis Support OrganizationsWorld MS Day is just around the corner on May 30th 2012.  What have you done to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis this year? I’m ashamed – I know people who have participated in Walk MS for years, but I have not. In fact, I never knew how to get involved until this year. And I’m guessing I’m not alone. We have fantastic Multiple Sclerosis support organizations within our reach – do you know who they are or what they do?

In honor of World MS Day, I present to you the following organizations that provide support to those of us with Multiple Sclerosis and each organizations opportunities to take part in the MS community, including fundraising and raising awareness to fight MS. Each of these organizations provides a wealth of information on their websites and also takes part in advocacy for the MS community.

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Those Poor Mice: New Developments In Multiple Sclerosis Research

Multiple Sclerosis Research


Happy New Year! For most of 2011 I have focused solely on my own journey to obtain Gilenya and continue using it. I threw away the needles and felt great about it. And what’s been going on in the meantime? Montel got CCSVI! A new stem cell trial without chemotherapy is almost underway! New medications (*ahem* BG-12) are winding their way through the pipeline! And also in that time, much has been discovered. Multiple Sclerosis Research has recently revealed more about the nature of the Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that needs ever more illumination.

These are the discoveries I find most exciting of all right now.
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Are Neurologists Pushing Tysabri?

Are Neurologists Pushing Tysabri?

Tysabri : A picture is worth $6900!

It was a dark and stormy night. The hospital corridors were abandoned and echoing with every step. There was a suspicious lack of signage directing individuals to the basement seminar. I had no idea that I had registered for an evening of neurologists pushing Tysabri onto a room full of medicare patients.

My parents assured me that although they’ve gone to many MS events they had never been to a spectacle like this before.

Last night I trekked down to the basement of a hospital branch one county away to attend an MS event my parents had alerted me to called Dialogue of Hope and Health. I can’t deny that I was hoping that the “hope” in the title of the event referred to the new oral medications soon to be available (at least in other countries) or perhaps stem cell developments. It turned out to be something between a sales pitch and damage control conducted by a local neurologist and some Tysabri sales reps.

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